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San Diego, CA 92128
  "When I saw the Hydro Epic hollow core composites, I knew they were the boards to have! You guys are obviously on the cutting edge with your use of Kevlar and carbon composites and the AeroFlex internal stringer design..." read more

"...It paddles great, turns on a dime and holds on the face of the wave like glue." read more

"...The longboard is so light I was actually able to duck dive it in 2/4ft surf. I was able to hit the lip and come back without pearling..." read more

"...My 9.1 Hydro Epic is a fabulous surfboard. Does everything I want... it almost reads my mind..." read more

"...I had no trouble getting up or hitting the lip with this thing. It paddles like a dream, and it's very fast. As I said earlier, I haven't riden a shortboard in years, so I am stoked that I am able to surf so well on this board..." read more

"...This is without question the closest I have ever found to the "Perfect Surfboard" and I have been researching since 1966! I must confess, I don't really understand the all technical aspects of the honeycomb and composite technology or the channels running through the tail, but they work! I have a couple of quality boards on my rack out in the shop which I plan to sell so I can order a 2nd HydroEpic surfboard very soon..." read more